Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Why you should use a VITAMIN C SERUM

Finding the best skin care for wrinkles is something that millions of us tend to struggle with if for no other reason than the vast abundance of choices to choose from. With thousands, if not tens of thousands, of skin care moisturizers, creams and other products to choose from-how is it possible to conduct thorough research and find the most effective and safest solution available?
In order to save time while still making sure that you are finding the most reliable and effective anti aging skin care product on the market, it is important to understand the important role that ingredients play in any product or remedy. It is the skin care ingredients that determine the overall safety and effectiveness of any product which is why you should take a close look at Vitamin C if you are serious about preventing the premature onset of fine lines and wrinkles.
Vitamin C and other antioxidants are commonly found in anti aging natural skin care because they help halt the development of wrinkles by neutralizing free radicals. In fact, antioxidants can help prevent the development of fine lines and wrinkles in three ways:
* Directly neutralize the free radicals
* Halt the process of oxidation which produces free radicals
* Synthesize the production of collagen and help repair damage caused by free radicals
According to the latest skin care information, Vitamin C is the only antioxidant known to actually stimulate the regeneration of collagen. The role of collagen in the fight against wrinkles is important because when it becomes damaged by free radicals and your body is unable to repair and regenerate it-the skin it supports will collapse beneath the surrounding surface and a wrinkle or fine line will appear. Any skin care regimen enriched with Vitamin C can not only slow the signs of aging-it has been proven to visibly diminish or reduce the fine lines and wrinkles that you already have!
Vitamin C is naturally found in skin tissue but its levels can be diminished by certain behaviors/substances, including:
* Overexposure to sun
* Smoking
* Exposure to pollutants and other toxins such as those found in many discount and wholesale skin care products
Antioxidants are common nutrients to find in a group of plant extracts commonly referred to as the essential oils. Not all of the essential oils are loaded with antioxidants but almost all of the top skin care remedies for wrinkles and antiaging include one or more of the following plant extracts:
* Camphor oil
* Avocado oil
* Almond oil
It is also important to remember that various organic and natural skin care solutions are made with different antioxidants which will have a different overall impact in your antiaging strategy. However, finding skin care systems made with any of the following antioxidants will help slow the signs of aging and remove harmful toxins from your system, including:
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin A
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin B1 & B2
* Selenium
If you are looking for a safe and effective antiaging skin care for wrinkles made with essential oils and enhanced with antioxidants like those mentioned earlier, then try ANAIS SUPER VITAMIN C SERUM today!


  1. Vitamin C does not lighten the skin. What it does is work as an antioxidant and by doing that it prevents the oxidative stress that can lead to hyperpigmentation.

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  3. My daughter is going to buy a small bottle of Vitamin C Serum for me.
    What quantity should I apply under my moisturizer every day and/or does the Serum replace the moisturizer? I am 59 yrs old.

  4. Hi! I have a daughter who has a type of vitiligo, never been able to get answers. I am thinking i could start a vitamin based diet for her, as well as skin diet. I believe it is from medication in the past. My problem is i have too many suggestions. Can you tell me what would be the best, safest topical? I need a Skin repigmentation (she has white spots) all over.

  5. Hi there, i have a quick question regarding the vitamin c serum i am interested in using. i am 21 years old with asian skin and would like to use this for my pigmentation. would it be suitable for young skin i am slightly concerned about the collagen production. could you please get back to me.

  6. I use the Vitamin C super Serum from and it work great for me, I never got oxidation, it is always clear and fresh. Been buying from them for 3 years.