Thursday, May 5, 2016

Do you have damage skin on your legs, arms and chest from to many years in the sun?


So many of us have sun damage on legs, arms and chest from to many years in the sun. I have found this awesome products, a liquid peel to apply to the skin, The Body Peel.

I wanted to use it on y chest, upper and lower legs, arms and hands. At first I ordered the small one ounce bottle but realize quickly I needed the larger size bottle. So I placed another order for the 4 ounce bottle. I got it 3 days later via the post office.

Chemical Peel for Body

After application of the peel the skin will take on a leathery, dry, aged look about a week post peel.

Areas of sun damage may get darker. It will then take another 2-3 weeks to begin to flake off. It will not peel off in sheets, just very small flakes. 

Do not scrub or pick at the skin, it will come off when it is ready. 

Forcing the skin to peel before it is ready can cause scarring and pigment issues, so treat the skin gently. 

Until it peels, your skin will look old and wrinkled. It will not stay that way, it is just the skin waiting to come off. 

You will need to keep that skin out of the sun and use a sunscreen every day. Keep the area moisturized with a good quality moisturizer like Cetaphil, Aquaphor, Eucerin or body oils like Almond, Jojoba, Emu and Olive oil.

I love this TCA skin body peel and I can wear a bathing suit again. 

You can order it here they ship worldwide and ship the same day as you place your order. Skin peel comes with instruction on how to use it. No mixing ready to use. If you are going to do more then one area I highly recommend the 4-ounce bottle or you will end up having to order more and wait in the treatment process.