Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Aromatherapy is a gift of nature promoting well-being for mind, body, soul & planet. Aromatherapy is the healing art of using Essential Oils. Essential Oils are the steam distilled essences of plant materials: roots, twigs, heartwood, bark, leaves, flowers, fruit & seeds. These heavenly fragrant, concentrated essences from plants have abundant clinically proven benefits. Some say that Essential Oils are the "Life Force" of the plant. Truly they are complex naturally occurring chemical compounds unique to each plant species and variation. SpaGoddess believes they possess magical healing properties, further enhanced with heartfelt belief & positive affirmations.

Nature provides an amazing world full of divinely decadent & infinitely effective ingredients with which to create exquisite spa products. Discover the incredible healing powers of essential oils for yourself in these products. A lot of love goes into these creations. Feel their magical botanical energies further enhanced with your heartfelt belief & positive affirmations.

Take good care of yourself & your little one. While we have not found any documented studies reporting that either a mother or fetus have been harmed due to Essential Oils, it is recommended that pregnant & nursing women use half of the recommended amount of any product containing Essential Oils, or none at all. Consult your healthcare provider about the specifics to your healthy pregnancy.


It is widely practiced that Eucalyptus, Peppermint & sometimes Tea Tree Essential Oils should not be combined with Homeopathic remedies as they can antidote each other. Consult your Homeopath, Aromatherapist or healthcare provider before combining any remedies with Essential Oils.

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