Monday, September 4, 2017

Recharge your skin and stimulate circulation!

A great massaging technique of an aesthetician to firm and tone your face, especially the delicate areas around your eyes and mouth. With an innovative 360-degree, multi-angle design, this awesome facial massage tool fits into the contours of your face for targeted treatment. 

I was skeptical when I first saw this product. I did not believe a tool that looked like it was from my kids play dough set would help me. I decided to try it and boy am I glad! I religiously use every day and saw results the first week. My mother asked if I did Botox or something. I do not like needles near my face so this a great weapon in your arsenal to fight aging. I would definitely recommend it. 

I enjoy using this in the mornings and evenings as a new addition to my skin care routine. The roller is a lovely massage and I do notice a decrease in eye bags after using it. 

On mornings where I feel my face is a little puffy, I just use this to lift and tighten my skin/jawline. It has a temporary effect. In the evenings, it works as a great tool for a nice facial massage (and is a great way to massage all the skincare products into your face). It looks so luxurious as well. I love using it and will continue to use it. This one is particularly good for the jawline, smile line, eyes, and forehead!

This massage tool runs about $158. 

You can get it for free here when you buy the Super peptide serum