Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Magic Organic Exfoliation Mask

70% Organic

As we age the natural cellular turn over of our cells slows WAY down. Our complexion loses its dewy freshness.
 We look a bit dull and mottled. 

So sad. By supporting the natural exfoliation process of your skin with a smart exfoliant such as our Exfoliating Masque, you are boosting collagen production, clarifying plugged pores, facilitating the creation of fresh new plump and juicy skin cells, and detoxifying congested complexions. 

If there were only one skin care protocol that ALL complexion conscious people should adopt and maintain....it is hands down regular skin exfoliation.

From acne to aging, ALL skin conditions are drastically improved with daily and weekly exfoliating. Try it and see for yourself. This wonder masque doubles as a masque AND a scrub. For more information and how to order visit im-fabulous.com

Saturday, March 17, 2012

La Prairie is dedicated to the process of graceful aging. Its aim is to help you slow down the signs of age and keep your skin as young as possible…as long as possible. Every product La Prairie makes reflects its unparalleled commitment to excellence, luxury and the science of skincare. Beautiful packaging! 

What you must know about anti-aging cream and serums

Each year tons of new anti-aging products are launched because companies know you're on a desperate search for that fountain of youth. These products promise to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, abolish sun damage and lift any and every sagging bit on your face. But can you trust them? Paula Begoun, skincare expert and best-selling author of "Don't Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me," says to be wary. "You can't read into all the hype you see in print and TV advertisements for beauty products," she says. Because if all the claims out there were true, it wouldn't matter which product you bought, be it the serum from the drugstore or the eye cream that cost a mint -- they would produce the same anti-aging results. 

So, who can you trust? Begoun says the ingredients are dependable. She says not to focus on the brand name or the glitzy commercials, but to look for products that contain the ingredients actually proven to produce noticeable improvements in all signs of aging. We have found that I'm Fabulous Cosmetics line, does not spend a lot of money in marketing like commercials or print advertisings and produce products with high concentration of raw actives ingredients like peptides, collagen booster, sea kelp, natural aha, and other top notch anti-aging ingredients.

Amazing Organic Luxurious Cleanser

AMAZING Organic Luxurious Cleanser

Seaweed is one of nature's best skin secrets for keeping the skin youthful and balancing the natural oils in the skin.  Seaweed has been used as a food source, supplement and skin care product for years in some Asian and European countries.  Looking at the cultures that both harvest, produce and incorporate seaweed into their day to day lives one can see that the healing affects of seaweed are evident.  Japan is one country that is known for their use of seaweed as part of their daily diet and in skin care.  Japan is famous for it's sushi which uses the Nori seaweed for the outside sushi wraps.  They also use seaweed in salads and teas.  Seaweed is a source of fatty acids which helps keep skin plump and the cells of the skin regenerated.  Seaweed is full of vitamins including vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B12, C , D, E, F, and K.  Seaweed also has many  minerals and trace minerals.  All these vitamins and minerals make seaweed a valuable antioxidant in fighting aging and damaging free radicals.  Seaweed  is a good source of protein and iodine.  Iodine is helpful in treating any thyroid problems that is often connected to weight gain. Likely this is partially why so many Japanese women always look so slim and appear younger than they are.  When the body is well fed and nourished with vitamins and minerals, the skin also takes on a healthy, youthful glow and it is able to fight off the signs of aging and repair itself. 

The ocean has long held the secrets of youth and anti-aging. Phyto-chemicals and 92+ minerals and micro minerals and structured water and polysacharides. 

I'm Fabulous Seaweed Skin Care Product Line is created to make these restorative and healing components available to you in a bioavailable format. I'm Fabulous Seaweed Complex saturates this cleanser formula for balanced, dewy, glowing and nourished skin. 

I'm Fabulous Luxe Cleanser is absolutely amazing! Make sure to use every day as a gentle wash to rejuvenate skin. Age spots disappear, wrinkles fill in, collagen is boosted, and your skin glows. 

Plus antiradiation properties found in these seaweeds protect skin from daily and long term sun damage and aging.

Many high end spas in Europe are carrying this luxurious, fabulous cleanser. To order visit im-fabulous.com

The reality about skin care products you buy!


Most products out there are so deficient in actual usable ingredients, that you only see a glimmer of hope after each use. Well, that glimmer is what keeps you coming back for more and more. 

Finally, your skin will stop reacting to it because your skin acclimates to the acidity or protein. Remember too that pure protein used in skin care is very expense. Industry uses fillers and thickeners that are cheap and essentially useless to fill up a 5 oz. bottle that contains about 1 gram of real protein. 

Your skin has no way to harvest the protein because the other 30 ingredients like fragrance and parabens are not bio-identical to your skin. It would be like eating a plastic bag that contained 1 leaf of lettuce. You are consuming a lot of nothing to get a very little amount of something. 

The plastic bag represents ingredients that your skin cannot register or identify with, while the leaf of lettuce is what your skin craves. 

Poly and Methyl Parabens are approved preservatives that are compounded into cosmetics and skincare products in order for a large company to be able to mass produce without any fear of expiration. 

Any product that is worth applying to your skin should not contain preservatives. Your skin has no way to metabolize these ingredients. Like oil and water do not mix, your skins naturally DNA will not accept synthetic preservative. 

What happens next is mind blowing: Take for example ANTI-AGING CREAM. The most expensive cream on the market contains enough parabens to keep it sitting in a warehouse for up to 8 years without the active protein either rotting, drying out or becoming acidic. 

When you apply these 'anti-aging' creams onto your skin, your own DNA secretions which are comprised of collagen, elastin, oil, sebum (good), melanin, protein and collagen bands, etc. begin to retreat deeper into the epidermis in order to preserve the supply.

Friday, March 16, 2012


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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Organic Skin Peels And Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

Women Smile With Beauty From “I'm Fabulous” Organic Skin Peels And Anti-Aging Skin Care Cosmetics

The super concentrated organic skin care product line “I’m Fabulous” provides excellent skin peel products and organic anti-aging serums and creams.

The Company is saving women money on similar beauty products due to the high quality and potency ingredients and effectiveness.  The entire line of product is natural and healthful to the body and skin.
World Wide Web- March 13, 2012  “I'm Fabulous” skin care products are the highly effective and organic anti aging skin care line with super potent active ingredients.

All of the “I’m Fabulous” products are made in a registered FDA laboratory in the United States. 
The Company is located in Palm Beach, Florida.

The “I’m Fabulous” skin care line is committed to excellence and presents a stellar cast of beauty products created using the newest and best, anti-aging peptides and ingredients.

All of the formulas are super concentrated and packaged in high quality ultra chic glass bottles and jars using ultra violet glass from Germany.

The ultra violet glass protects the raw, active ingredients, keeping what is in the containers fresh and pure.

The exclusive “I’m Fabulous” line features a host of powerful and effective beauty care compounds. 
Some of which are:  TCA peel, TCA cleanser that is a skin peel, organic makeup, mineral makeup, wrinkle cream, a botox alternative, acne treatment, skin bleaching and lightening
 formulas, skin tightening and firming serum, peptide serums, snap-8, matrixyl 3000,  and other organic face products.

All products are made with a Cruelty Free guarantee that no animals were used in the testing and manufacturing of the skin care line.

The “I’m Fabulous” website is providing a complete reference to each of the individual products and their uses. 

I’m Fabulous website (www.im-fabulous.com) makes ordering simple and the Company is offering international shipping rates starting at $17.00. 

The most popular item for women today seems to be the skin peels due to their ease of use and safe and effective application with results.

This fabulous organic line was created by highly regarded medical Esthetician Anis Lacerte.

Learn more by visiting http://www.im-fabulous.com