Friday, December 20, 2013

Powerful Volumizing Serum & Skin Filler.

I'm Fabulous Powerful Volumizing Serum & Skin Filler is a incredible serum that increases the appearance of facial volume and visibly plumps trouble zones – especially furrow lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet. 

Skin appears firmer, plump, ultra smooth, hydrated 

and vibrant!

- Helps plump and firm skin’s appearance after subtle facial volume loss.
- Helps plump the appearance of furrow lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet.
- Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and help shield against pollution and skin stressors.
- Contains a Brightening Complex to help even skin tone.
- Contains 2.5 % Retinol to fight wrinkles
- Contains Snap-8 a powerful peptides and wrinkles relaxer a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to Botulinum Toxin.

- Contains Snake Peptide a a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of Waglerin 1, found in the venom of the Temple Viper. The activity of snake peptide reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of expression lines. In vivo testing showed an impressive reduction of over 50% in wrinkle size after 28 days.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What is Alpha hydroxy acids ?

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA's) work mainly as an exfoliant. They cause the cells of the epidermis to become "unglued" allowing the dead skin cells to slough off, making room for regrowth of new skin. 

AHA's may even stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, and are reported to improve wrinkling, roughness, and mottled pigmentation of photodamaged skin after months of daily application. 

Alpha hydroxy acids found in skin-care products work best in a concentration of 5% to 8% and at a pH of 3 to 4. Beta hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, is a topical exfoliant that can reverse some of the effects of photoaging such as fine wrinkles and discolored skin. 

Currently, salicylic acid is the only beta hydroxy acid used as an exfoliant.

• Exfoliation (desquamation of horny cells) 
• Moisturization (reducing water loss) 
• Anti-wrinkle effect 
• Skin-whitening effect 
• Smoothing effect 
• Improves skin texture & tone 
• Unblocks & cleans pores 

Skin Care By Age

Taking care of your skin is very important is you want to have a beautiful complexion!

Peptides and retinoid are very important ingredients for anti-aging purposes.

There are various active ingredients known to have regenerating effects in skin cells helping to slow down degenerative processes as they occur in the aging skin. Regenerative processes may include stimulation of the production of proteins (e.g. collagen, elastin), prevention of water loss, stimulation of the skin's blood circulation, replenishing the subepidermis with natural lipids, and maintenance of the natural homeostasis of the skin cell. Antioxidants like, for example, vitamin C and vitamin E are usually also used in anti-aging cosmetic products.

You need to use skin care products to improve the structural integrity of the skin and nourish the skin. Good skin care products leads to skin compactness, reduces appearance of wrinkles, increases tonicity & firmness. 

Skin may appear darker than normal and may be blotchy, uneven areas, or patches of brown to gray discoloration or freckling. Skin pigmentation disorders occur because the body produces either too much or too little melanin, a pigment produced by melanocytes. Increased melanin production, also known as hyperpigmentation, is often referred to as melasma (general term describing darkening of the skin), chloasma (discolorations caused by hormones) or solar lentigines (darkened spots on the skin caused by the sun). In addition, hyperpigmentation can be caused by skin damage, such as remnants of blemishes, wounds or rashes.

Skin-lighteners (like bearberry leaves extract and undecylenoyl phenylalanine) inhibit melanin tyrosinase or melanotropin and reduce or block some amount of melanin production. Many treatments use a combination of topical lotions or gels containing melanin-inhibiting ingredients along with a sunscreen, and a prescription retinoid. Depending on how the skin responds to these treatments exfoliants, either in the form of topical cosmetic or chemical peels, and lasers may be used.

Did you know that  the peptide (Tripeptide-5), as been found to stimulate of collagen synthesis in the skin and improve significantly the appearance of any type of wrinkle. Has good skin firming & moisturizing properties. May be able to reduce appearance of stretch marks. In clinical study with 60 volunteers a reduction of 350% of the appearance of wrinkles was shown after use of 84 days. May be alternate to collagen injections used in lip products to help stimulate collagen synthesis.

Also Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein, is a unique collagen protein concentrate. Manufactured via an enzymatic hydrolysis process, mixture of straight chain polypeptide with an average molecular weight of 2000. It offers excellent moisturizing properties and can increase the density of collagen fibrils and also fibroblast density (the fibroblasts produce collagen). 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anis Lacerte behind the fabulous anti aging organic skin care brand.

Anis Lacerte founder of I'm Fabulous® Biophotonic organic skin care.

I am in my 40's and my skin is tight, toned, light and wrinkles free!

I do not smoke and do not drink sodas at all. I leave a very healthy life style, based on organic vegetable, seafood and meat once every few months. 
I occasionally drink wine or champagne and stay away never drink liquor. 
If I am sick I use holistic medicine (I was raised in France with homeopathic and holistic approach to medicine).

How to I keep my skin looking young and flawless with surgery.

My evening skin regimen:

3-I use a skin peel 4 times per week and switch between those: Enzyme peel, gorgeous peel, and Bio Gorgeous peel.
4- Magic Exfoliating Mask, same days I do a skin peel.
7- Firming and lifting cream every other night or Retinol 2.5 %

My evening skin regimen:

1- Luxe cleanser 
2- Seaweed Toner
3- Vitamin C hydrating serum

My Eyes every night:

1- Super peptide eye serum under my eyes, crows feet and eyebrows, and apply it super thick.
I woke up and my skin is all plumped up!

If my eye look tired and I have dark circle then I will use instead the Ultra bright eye serum.