Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How to avoid Crow's feet

How to avoid Crow's feet

You can minimize the development of wrinkles around your eyes by applying sunscreen (but remember, not too close to your eyes), and wearing protective eyewear (such as wrap-around sunglasses) or a hat. Some wrinkles are produced by the repeated movement of the skin through facial expressions, others occur as a result of sun damage.

The regular use of a quality moisturizer is the first basic step to reducing the look of existing lines. When selecting a product, remember that price is not a reflection of quality. Well hydrated skin appears noticeably smoother and even textured.

Continued regular use of a moisturizer in combination with daytime application of a sheer foundation will vastly improve your overall complexion. Implement a nighttime eye treatment just before bed to allow your skin to soak up the nourishing ingredients and help regenerate your skin’s appearance. Also, try incorporating daily sun protection with an SPF-rated moisturizer to reduce further photodamage to your skin.

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