Saturday, September 17, 2011



I'M FABULOUS Biophotonic Skin Care is a revolutionary regenerative skincare system for men 
and women featuring breakthrough innovations in bio-fermentation and vital ingredients, 
self-stimulating rays of violet light that preserve and energize its formulations. 

Created by medical licensed esthetician Anis Lacerte who has more then 20 years of experience 
in skin care. I'M FABULOUS Biophotonic Skin Care system represents the most advanced research, 
state-of-the-art technologies and super powerful active age-erasing ingredients.

All products are packaged in very chic and special density glass from Europe, which blocks the 
spectrum of visible light, allowing only life-giving violet rays that protect and improve the quality 
of these powerful substances.


Light for physical health

With this slogan, the German federal government advertises an initiative that was set up in 2001 
to assist the research and development of optical solutions for biological and medical problems 
( Every living cell contains light which is relevant for the organizational 
structure and functionality of the cells.

The quality of food and ingredients that are for example used in cosmetics or food supplements, 
have a direct influence on our health.
Biophotonics establishes the understanding of processes in and between living cells and 
therewith offers the key to for example the early detection of illnesses, optimized cultivation 
methods in agriculture and the monitoring of food quality.

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