Friday, July 26, 2013

How to remove sun damage on my legs?

I have lots of sun damage and brown spots from years in the sun. How can I remove the brown spots from my legs and arms?

Stacey Berstein from Miami told us her secret. 2 years ago while attending a fashion show in Milan, she ask one of the model who told her to try the Body Peel. The Body Peel is a tca skin peel she bought from a plastic surgeon in Miami. She said after applying the peel twice to her legs the brown spots disappeared. But you need to use sunblock to prevent hyperpigmentation after the treatment.

I actually buy the larger bottle (100ml) and use it on my whole legs and arms. I spent about $250 and the brown spots are completely gone. YEAH!!!!

I buy it directly from the website and they ship it to me in Europe.

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