Thursday, August 3, 2017


What are you favorite beach items?
In summer time colors are fun.

Illesteva round sunglasses
$190 -

Valentino gold ring

Rip Curl man bag
$50 -

Topanga bikini bottom

Charlotte Tilbury makeup
$39 -

John Robshaw round beach towel

Coral home decor

100% organic hydrating cream for face and body. Get an instant tan and glow!

OMG thanks to self-tanners and bronzers, you can look like you just returned from a tropical vacation, even if your toes never touched the sand. These products help you create a natural sun-kissed glow without the harm of sun exposure. Understanding how to best use self-tanners and bronzers will allow you to avoid that unnatural orange tint -- the telltale sign that your glow is faux.


Bronzers are another way to give you a rich tan without any exposure to UV rays, but they don't leave behind a lingering glow once you've showered. Like self-tanners, these products come in several forms.
Bronzers are low-committment options because you can wash them off at the day's end. Plus, if you misapply the product or aren't pleased with the results, you can simply rinse it away and try again.

Which Product Is Right for You?

Both self-tanners and bronzers give you a sun-kissed glow, minus the sun, so choosing between the two products might be confusing. Self-tanners are ideal for head-to-toe application, while bronzers help you add color to your complexion. 
Try to choose a self-tanner that is organic!  
Consider how long you want to rock that faux glow. If you want a tan that will last for more than a day, a self-tanner will be the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you require just a touch of color for a special occasion, a bronzer allows you to darken your skin for the day.

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