Friday, April 5, 2013

What's the Best Treatment for Deep Wrinkles?

Fine Lines
Deep Wrinkles

Deep wrinkles have a lot of treatment options

It really depends on where the wrinkles are located. Wrinkles occur because of skin damage, loss of volume and progressive changes to the skin through continual muscle movement. What happens when you age is you progressively lose volume from losing thickness within your skin, loss of fat, bone atrophy, etc.
It is analogous to a grape shrinking into a raisin. Raisins obviously have a lot of wrinkles compared to a grape. We have traditionally improved the appearance of the raisin by cutting the raisins skin and removing it. The raisin may look better but it won't necessarily look much younger like a grape again. This is the same as it is in people.
Volumizing a persons face can make a huge difference in making someone look younger in a natural way. Volumizing also has the ability to increase the thickiness of the skin and its distance from the muscular envelope. This increase in distance makes it harder for the muscles to create wrinkles. Once the face is volumized, you can then improve the etched in wrinkles with resurfacing means such as lasers and chemical peels or dermabrasionBotox prevents the appearance of wrinkles by preventing the muscle from moving.


  1. It really relies on where the wrinkle lines are located.Wrinkles happen because of damage of skin, lack of amount and modern changes to the flesh through constant muscle activity. What happens when you age is you gradually lose amount from losing width within your skin, lack of fat. Read more

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