Thursday, December 22, 2016

Anti-aging beauty oil is seeing the fastest growth. Check this News for 2017!

Oil and Clay/Mud are Growing Textures in Prestige Skincare, a Trend Happening Across Cities and Continents.

The global skincare market shows no signs of slowing down. According to GCI, globally the category is projected to reach $121 billion in 2016, with the US market estimated to reach $11 billion by 2018. Facial oil has become one of the hyper-niche categories driving the category.

Segment Breakdown in 2015:
Beauty oils are suddenly sold everywhere, but you're not alone if you feel hesitant to try the icky-sounding ingredient.

“Oil-based products are often misunderstood! Even some of the biggest beauty buffs are scared to try them for fear that oil will cause acne breakouts," said Indie Lee, founder of natural skin care brand Indie Lee & Co. "Using the wrong oils will do that. If you use the right oil, the results can be divine.”
With hundreds of masks, wipes, and toners claiming to keep your skin’s natural oil production in check, it seems counterintuitive to want to add more oil to your beauty routine. But whether you’ve been fighting shine for years or just need a new skin fix, oils can do wonders for fine lines, elasticity, cell turnover, and dryness. “Oils are essential to your skin’s health because they keep your outer protective layer of skin cells together, making you look younger while protecting against future damage.


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