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The Best Face Oil

While oil might be the last thing you’d think of applying in the hope of achieving a brighter, fresher and more youthful complexion, the latest face oil formulations are so advanced that they really are suited to all skin types. 

One of my co-workers routinely rubbed a few drops between her palms and patted it on -- like a man applies aftershave -- right over her makeup. I was disgusted -- I could just imagine the oil mixing with her foundation and clogging her pores. However, I never saw any evidence of that happening -- her skin was amazing, and the oil made her makeup look refreshed and more luminous. 

It wasn't until I came across I' M FABULOUS® Organic Fabulous Serum $90, that I dared to try a skin care oil for myself. The formula is extremely light, the instructions call for only two drops (how much damage could that do?), and the website explains that peppermint helps control skin's oil production. Of course I was hesitant the first night I used it, but when I woke up to glowing, more even skin I knew it was the oil -- and I haven't looked back since.

Tania Jalson

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Lastest Way To Anti-Age Yours Eyes Fast

If you suffer from dark circles caused by hollowness under your eyes, ask your doctor about Belotero, a hyaluronic acid injectable filler used to add volume to sunken areas like the tear-trough groove. It's painfull " Although topical anesthetics make the procedure painless, be prepared for swelling and bruising. Results last three to six months. Cost: $1,000. If your lower eyelids (the area underneath your lashes) also appear concave, go one step further with what Los Angeles plastic surgeons have coined "eyelid microbeading." "Patients can have great fillers in their cheeks and tear troughs, but their eyes still look sunken and tired,". Results are instant and last up to 18 months. Cost: $3,000–$4,500. At home, invest in organic products with peptides to fights aging. Try Eye Bright Intensive Serum ($139) and Super Peptide Eye Serum ($55).

Concealer can hide only so much. Want to actually turn back the clock? we love the 

Organic Pink Under Eye Dark Circle Waterproof Concealer

A drooping brow can add years to your face. Ultherapy, a non-invasive, no-downtime (albeit somewhat painful) procedure that uses ultrasound waves to promote collagen production and lift brows, is a reliable choice. With one 60-minute session tightening is noticeable after two to three months. Cost: $4,000 on average. Though Ultherapy cannot address sagging skin on the eyelids themselves (the area from your brow to your lash line), one session of Thermage can. This zero-downtime radio-frequency treatment generates heat to boost collagen and firm loose "hooded" skin on the upper lids. "You're likely to see 25 percent tightening," says Fusco. Cost: Up to $3,000. At home, try I'm Fabulous® HA Protein Lift Serum ($155) and the Bio Identical Hyaluronic Protein Serum ($75); both contain top organic ingredients and hyaluronic acid to firm skin.
The lower eyelid muscles are responsible for supporting the fat around your eyes, which helps keep you looking youthful. As we age, those muscles become lax and the fat can bulge out, leading to bags and puffiness.  An eye job will tighten the muscles so they can once again hold fat in place; for natural-looking results, lost volume is restored through fat grafting (cells are harvested from your thighs or love handles). Recovery (bruising and stitches) is about 10 days. Cost: $7,500–$11,900. 

Botox can help erase crow's-feet and frown lines, but to really look refreshed you need to stimulate collagen production and fade sun damage around your eyes. The cost is about $500 and last 3 months. Also a new customized Peel does both with no downtime. "It can be as mild as a gentle fruit acid or strongest chemical peel. We love the the gentle natural Bio Gorgeous Peel and the Enzyme peel which is a mild enzyme peel sold by the same company
Brighter skin and less crepiness are noticeable instantly, and improve over time. Cost: $250–$550. The PicoSure laser is another new option that won't damage the sensitive skin around the eyes. Results can be seen after three to five 10-minute sessions spaced two to four weeks apart. "It takes multiple treatments. Topical numbing is optional. Cost: $400–$1,000 per session. At home, use products containing retinol to fight wrinkles. Try I'm Fabulous® Caviar Luxury Anti-Aging Organic Serum ($1000) and the Eye Repair For Crow's Feet, Organic Cream ($130).

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The best hair extensions I have tried that last up to 10 weeks.

Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are designed to add volume, length and thickness in approx an hour! Perfect Hair Tape Extensions uses the best medically tested adhesive and the finest Human Hair on the market making Perfect Hair Tape Extensions incomparable to other tape extensions available. 

With 26 colours to choose from colour matching is so easy! Flat 4cm wide pieces make application and blending quick and easy!Perfect Hair Tape Extensions are comfortable to wear, with a flat heat resistant bond that blends perfectly with your hair giving you no discomfort when they are applied! 

They are designed to be re-lifted every 6-8 weeks for a damage free application!

This is the best hair extension I have found. They are super silky and super easy to apply by myself. They do not get dry after washing them and they really last like 9 to 10 weeks for me! I order them on this website


Most people do not know the difference between hair grades when it comes to Hair Quality. 

5 STARS Hair Grades 

Cuticle SWEDISH Hair: This hair will be very silky, smooth and have a very good drop. Use your hand to touche the hair back and forth in both directions. If it is real cuticle, it will feel very smooth from the root to the tip, with little frictional feeling from tip to root. This hair is not too soft or thin because it is not processed in an acid bath. You also can test the tension with your natural hair, it should be almost same. Another tool is to use a microscope, you will be able to easily find out if the cuticles exist or not. This is the highest quality/grade hair available to anyone, including the highest end salons.

SWEDISH hair: This hair will be very silky, smooth with a very good drop. This hair should also follow the same direction. You can check the hair color. If it is SWEDISH hair, the tip should be a little bit darker than the root. Also this hair is a little softer and thinner than cuticle SWEDISH hair because it is processed in an acid bath to remove the cuticles to avoid tangling. Because of this, it can feel and look less natural than cuticle SWEDISH hair even though it is still human hair. "SWEDISH hair" is a term often over-used on the hair market today. Be careful, as "SWEDISH hair" could be used to label just about anything these days.

Non SWEDISH hair: This hair is not silky and smooth when compared to the above SWEDISH hair. Because the hair sheds naturally, you will find black dots on the end of hair when you put the hair on a white background. Many manufacturers sell this hair as SWEDISH hair. They cut off the black dots, if you check it carefully on both ends, you will see the hair is Non-SWEDISH. Another way to test the quality is to wash and style. The non SWEDISH hair will be frizzy, dry and break easily after just a few times.

Organic, sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is recommended. We love Pureology Hydrating, sulfate-free shampoo hair care to moisturize dry, damaged, color-treated hair.

Order your taped extension now order them on this website

Ciao aging cells!

It's been drilled into everyone's head that exfoliating is the key to younger looking skin. But so many peels aren't exactly eco, and scrubs can be too harsh. Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Treatment provides the right amount of light exfoliation. Ciao aging cells! The cleanser is a combination cream/oil formula that dissolves oil, makeup, and dirt to leave skin hydrated and clean. The double-sided cloth that comes with the treatment is tough on dirt, but gentle on your skin.

You'll go natural for a cleanser, but surely a gal needs the big guns for those frown lines? Oh ye of little faith. Intelligent Nutrients Plant Stem Cell Science Renewal Complex-Target Treatment is made with edelweiss, coneflower, and pennywort stem cells—an anti-aging powerhouse that apparently competes with dermatologist treatments. And the best part? It's vegan, and cruelty- and gluten-free, proving just how good green can be at fighting Father Time.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Power of Stem Cells In Skin Care

Between anti-aging ingredients that are worshipped (retinol) to the ones that are obscure (bee venom), figuring out which ingredient will kick Father Time’s ass is enough to give you wrinkles. And now skin-care manufacturers have added another anti-aging contender: stem cells.
Medical researchers have long studied the ability of stem cells, which can regenerate and form almost any cell type in the body, to treat numerous chronic diseases. Now skin-care brands like LifelineOrigins and I'm Fabulous Cosmetics are hoping that stem cells can deliver the powerful results in the cosmetics industry that they have in medicine. But are they worth the hype? Here are five facts you should know about stem cells before you spend a dime.

1. Skin care contains either plant or human stem cells. In the case of Lifeline, human stem cells are derived from unfertilized eggs (so, you’re not putting human embryo on your face).
2. Plant and human cells actually operate in comparable ways. There are similarities in the way stem cells function in both plants and animals to sustain growth and repair tissues.
3. Stem cells contain two key components: growth factors, which play a role in cell division, the growth of new cells, and the production of collagen and elastin; and proteins, which regulate that stem-cell division. When applied to your skin, these two components help firm wrinkles and slow the development of new lines.
4. There’s no definitive call on how well plant stem cells work. While there’s evidence that human stem cells, when harnessed with growth factors, stimulate epidermal stem cells to thicken the skin, which leads to tightening, there’s no scientific evidence that plant-stem-cell growth factors work in the same way.
After all, how could a plant cell have any effect on human skin?” But plant stem cells still have benefits. Products that contain antioxidant-rich fruits or plants as a source still offer free-radical-fighting benefits.
5. The amount of stem cells in the product matters. Don’t get suckered into spending a fortune simply because a product says stem-cell derived on the front label. Check the ingredient list on the back label to see how much of the active ingredients are in the product.

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Non toxic anti-aging skin care and cosmetics.

Anti-aging hydrating organic tonic is top for keeping your skin hydrated and elastic. Use it before applying mineral foundation for a great smooth look!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Different Levels of Chemical Peels and Which Might be Right For You

Amanda Sanzone, an aesthetician in Dr. Matthew Schulman's practice, explains chemical peels, the three different levels of peels, and how to choose the best one for your skin type and specific issues.

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I'm Fabulous Organic Skin Care products were created for all skin types and skin colors.

Packaged in Swiss ultraviolet glass bottles and jars to keep all the organic raw ingredients super fresh. 

The organic pink under eyes waterproof concealer is absolutely fabulous and will make you look years younger and so refresh!

No paraben or chemicals bad for your skin.

Simply pure, organic, vegan and kosher.

You should always carry this 4 I'm Fabulous® products in your purse for a fresh healthy look.

I'm Fabulous® creams are firming to ultra lifting and super hydrating.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Caviar organic skin product the stars rave for!

Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, an age defying serum joins the iconic Skin Caviar. One drop helps to lift, firms, and provide a long-lasting tensing effect to skin. 

This product softens the skin, which helps prevent wrinkles. It is safe to use around the eyes, neck and ears. This is an All-in-One solution for the hectic lifestyle shopper as well as health conscious consumers, which go the extra mile to find the safest product for their body. Our exclusive caviar extract absorbs instantly, dramatically slows expression line formation and reverses sun damage while replenishing hydration, repairing and improving textured, sagging skin and rejuvenating overall tone and texture.

It helps the skin stay soft and healthy by providing essential Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, as well as Vitamins A,b6,b12,d,e,k, Riboflavin, Folate, Pantothenic Acid, Choline, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc and Selenium. 
our clients always tell us that their skin feels like "baby skin again" - soft, flexible, young, comfortable.

I'm Fabulous® Caviar Luxury Anti-Aging Organic Serum is a incredible serum that increases the appearance of facial volume and visibly plumps trouble zones – especially furrow lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet. Skin appears firmer, plump, ultra smooth, hydrated and vibrant.

This product is for modern age class that desire smooth clear skin with full hydration. It restores youthfulness and eliminates wrinkles and fine lines. 

Perfect for mature skin. Has been shown to fight free radical elements. 

This formula contains a high concentration of caviar concentrate and other antioxidants at maximum concentration with fast absorption. Product penetrates right deep to the skin as you apply it.

In many ways, this fabulous serum will prevent any future damage that your skin may be exposed to over the years. This serum is used by movie stars, real estate brokers, Event Planners, and other professional that treasure their face. Many of them are monthly consumers of the product and swear that their cannot live without it. 

"I am a woman of a certain age and have used Botox and other types of fillers on a regular basis. I have found that with "I'M FABULOUS® - CAVIAR EXTRACT", I no longer need to use Botox and can forget about the inconvenience, pain, swelling and expense of fillers. After using this serum for just two weeks, there was a noticeable difference in my skin. I maintain a dewy, youthful look with just a dab here and there. My friends say I glow! Thanks you for this amazing product." 

-Katherine Berg. Los Angeles, CA-
Beauty Consultant to the stars

- Helps plump and firm skin’s appearance after subtle facial volume loss.
- Plump the appearance of furrow lines, nasal labial creases and crow’s feet.
- Powerful all-over face lightener to clarify complexion.
- Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals and help shield against pollution and skin stressors.
- Contains a Brightening Complex to help even skin tone.
- Contains 2.5 % Retinol to fight wrinkles
- Contains Snap-8 a powerful peptides and wrinkles relaxer a safer, cheaper, and milder alternative to Botulinum Toxin.
- Contains Snake Peptide a a synthetic tripeptide that mimics the effect of Waglerin 1, found in the venom of the Temple Viper. The activity of snake peptide reduces the contraction frequency of muscle cells on the face, thereby decreasing the appearance of expression lines. In vivo testing showed an impressive reduction of over 50% in wrinkle size after 28 days.
Apply morning and night after cleanser and toner

Key Ingredients
72% certified organic ingredients
Organic Aloe
botanical hyaluronic acid
Caviar Liquid Extract
Organic Jojoba Oil
Wheat Germ Oil
Vitamin E
Organic Green Tea
Wildcrafted Propolis
Snake Peptide 
Snap-8 peptide

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Easy fix for thinning hair in women and men.

Caboki For Women With Hair Loss

Easy way to fix thin hair fast! Amazing! 

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Facial Rejuvenation and anti-aging.

This treatment consists of using the patient's own blood components to stimulate stem cells to regenerate new tissue. PRP treatments stimulate collagen and improves skin texture, tone, and complexion. PRP facial rejuvenation is very effective for fine wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial grooves, wrinkles on lips, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles on the neck, acne marks, bags and dark circles under the eyes, and loose and saggy skin.

A great alternative to laser resurfacing and dermal fillers. Visit us for confidential advice about the the latest anti-aging blood-derived version or the more advance and potent Adipose Derived Stem Cell injections (extracting stem cells from your tummy fat) to enhance your tissue regeneration in the prevention of the aging process.

3 Great New Anti-aging Treatments For Men and Women.

Bio-identical hormones… are they right for you?

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy or BHRT has been a treatment for menopausal and pre-menopausal symptoms for quite sometime and more recently public interest and demand has exploded. Suzanne Somers was the first well known personality promoting BHRT through her books, Ageless, The Sexy Years, Breakthrough and through her many appearances speaking on the subject. She describes how BHRT relieved her menopausal symptoms, increased her energy levels, increased her sexual desire and recaptured her overall zest for life! In actuality, BHRT is a popular therapy not only for women but for men as well. The main hormone panels tested for are:
  • Menopause
  • Andropause (male menopause)
  • Adrenal (fatigue/stress)
  • Thyroid (hypo/hyper)
  • Growth Hormone
By balancing and optimizing these hormone levels…patients report an increase in lean muscle mass, decrease in body fat, greater energy and overall zest for life, sharper thinking and memory, greater sexual desire and performance.
There are great differences between bio-identical and synthetic hormones. Bio-identical hormones are created in a lab and possess the exact molecular structure as those produced by your body. Synthetic hormones are also created in a lab however possess an altered molecular structure. The cells in your body absorb and synthesize bio-identical hormones easily and seamlessly whereas synthetic hormones often cause a variety of side effects and conditions. As medical studies worldwide have concluded… bio-identical hormones are a safer and more natural alternative to their synthetic versions.

What is Intravenous Nutrition?

Intravenous nutrition offers better bioavailability of nutrients to the body’s metabolic needs since the delivery is not dependant on the gastro-intestinal system or intestinal wall membrane. The goal of intravenous nutrition therapy goes well beyond that of providing general nutritional needs for a healthy body.
The degree of disease response and improvement reported by patients is well documented in clinical studies. Intravenous nutrition also allows the body to reach optimal therapeutic levels and maintains a better control and monitoring of the conditions being treated.

Clinical Uses

  • Malabsorption Syndromes (Celiac, Sprue, Chron’s, Ulcerative Colitis)
  • Chemotherapy
  • Gastric bypass patients
  • Feeding tube patients
  • Pre-op
  • Post-op
  • Detoxification
  • CFS/Fibromyalgia
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Improve endurance and decrease fatigue
All patients are evaluated with blood and urine tests to asses their nutritional and metabolic status and therapies are prescribed accordingly. The nutrients used are vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, anti-microbials and amino acids.
PRP Therapy is a form of regenerative medicine utilizing your own blood; blood contains components called platelets and platelets contain growth factors.   Growth factors activate and stimulate cellular regeneration in the body.
PRP Therapy is effective in the skin for overall rejuvenation and healing and in the scalp to awaken dormant follicles and stimulate hair growth. When released, growth factors encourage collagen production and formation of new capillaries.
The treatment is simple and can be completed within an hour. A minimal amount of blood is taken from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge for separation. The Platelet Rich Plasma is separated and transferred to a syringe. PRP is golden in color, viscous and easily injected without pain or downtime.
By using your own tissue (Autologous) virtually eliminates the potential problems with allergies or rejection. Utilize your own stem cells for regenerative therapy. Clinical Trials and empirical data have shown that platelets can increase the production of collagen and Elastin.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Best Protection Against Photoaging

Photoaging refers to the damage that is done to the skin from prolonged exposure, over a person's lifetime, to UV radiation. Most of the skin changes that occur as we get older are accelerated by sun exposure. Examples of skin changes from photoaging include:
Protection Against Photoaging
"Photoaging" is the term that describes damage to the skin caused by intense and chronic exposure to sunlight. The visible effects of photoaging are fine wrinkles, mottling and pigmentation of the skin, and skin roughness—changes that are usually associated with chronologic aging (calendar years). But, photoaging is not a good indicator of chronologic age; it just makes a person to look older than his or her chronologic age. The three approaches to counter photoaging are:
  1. Avoid the midday sun
  2. Prevention by use of photoprotective agents—sunscreen and clothing
Photoprotection is the use of physical and/or chemical agents to prevent the skin-damaging effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation in sunlight. Physical agents are clothing, umbrellas and parasols, awnings and tents that protect you from sun when you are outdoors. 

Chemical agents are sunscreens you apply to your skin.
The effects of UV radiation on the skin are related to the intensity and duration of UV exposure. 

Avoiding intense, chronic exposure to solar radiation—for example, avoiding activities such as sun bathing—is one important way to protect against photoaging. 

Photoaging can be minimized by avoiding sun exposure between 10 AM and 4 PM. If you cannot avoid sun exposure between these peak hours of UV intensity, use sun-protective measures such as wearing a broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved sun-protective clothing. 

You also need a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher if you are going to be exposed to sunlight for more than 20 minutes. An important point to remember: Even on cloudy days, 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays reach the ground. A cloudy day is not a reason to skimp on photoprotection.

Available topical retinoids include prescription tretinoin (Retin-A®), adapalene (Differ en®), and tazarotene (Tazorac®) and over-the-counter Retinol® and Ret in ol-A®. These drugs are derivatives of vitamin A which have anti-aging properties. Topical tretinoin was first observed to ameliorate the clinical signs of photoaging by Cordero (1983) and Kligman, Grove, Hirose, and Leyden (1986). The first double-blinded, randomized, vehicle-controlled clinical trials investigating the use of tretinoin for photoaged skin were performed in the late 1980s. In these studies, investigators found that surface roughness, dyspigmentation, and fine wrinkles demonstrated the most improvement with topical tretinoin therapy in the first 4 to 10 months of therapy (Weiss et al., 1988). Because epidermal changes seen early in therapy reverted to baseline, the wrinkle-improving effect of tretinoin was presumed to be due to effects on the dermis. In studies, topical tretinoin increased collagen type I in photoaged skin (Griffiths et al., 1993; Talwar, Griffiths, Fisher, Hamilton, & Voorhees, 1995). It is common and predictable for patients to develop a retinoid dermatitis characterized by erythema and scaling after starting a retinoid. With time and continued use, this dermatitis improves. A patient may use topical tretinoin as part of a daily and ongoing program to reverse the signs of clinical photoaging. Topical tretinoin is typically prescribed as a 0.05% or 0.1% cream, and for patients more sensitive to the effects, lower strengths can be used (0.02%, 0.025%). Tretinoin can be used indefinitely. There are no true contraindications to its use, though some patients are not able to tolerate the accompanying retinoid dermatitis.
Cosmeceuticals are agents that are marketed as cosmetic products, contain biologically active ingredients, and are available without a prescription. Drugs exert a biologic effect, are dispensed by prescription, and are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Cosmeceuticals do not undergo the rigorous testing required for drug approval, and there are few clinical controlled trials of these products. In fact, most of the work supporting their use is in vitro or small, open-label, industry-sponsored trials. The cosmeceutical industry is huge and future projections estimate that it will exceed $16 billion by 2010 (Choi & Berson, 2006). Cosmetic products containing peptides, antioxidants, and botanicals are examples of cosmeceuticals. A complete review of cosmeceuticals is beyond the scope of this article, so only select ones will be mentioned.

Peptides are amino acid chains that are fragments of large proteins such as collagen. Pal-KTTS is a collagen peptide fragment, and there is evidence in wound healing that it may penetrate into the dermis and stimulate collagen production (Katayama, Armendariz-Borunda, Raghow, Kang, & Seyer, 1993). Pal-KTTS is marketed as Matrixyl[99] (Sederna, France) and is an ingredient in a number of cosmeceuticals. A tripeptide-copper complex can increase collagen in wounds and is an ingredient in a number of cosmeceuticals such as Procyte GHK-copper peptide (Maquart et al., 1993).
Antioxidants are molecules that work in the skin to reduce ROS, which are generated by UV damage and lead to breakdown of collagen. There is much interest in the use of antioxidants both orally and topically to combat aging skin, but there are few published studies on the efficacy of these agents. There is reason to be optimistic, as preliminary studies demonstrate that certain antioxidants may exert an anti-aging effect by preventing and even reversing sun damage. 
Idebenone is a synthetic analog of Coenzyme Q 10 with potent antioxidant activity; it reduces skin roughness, increases skin hydration, reduces fine lines, and was associated with an improvement in overall global assessment of photoaged skin (McDaniel, Neudecker, DiNardo, Lewis, & Maibach, 2005). Topical vitamin C 5% cream applied for 6 months led to clinical improvement in the appearance of photoaged skin with regard to firmness, smoothness, and dryness compared to vehicle (Humbert et al., 2003). Topical vitamin C stimulates the collagen-producing activity of the dermis (Nusgens, Humbert, Rougier, Richard, & LapiE8re, 2002).

Protect the hands from photo-aging