Friday, September 23, 2016

2017 News In Anti Aging Skin Care

Things You Can Do On Your Own To Stay On The Positive Side Of The Volume Balance

  • Maintain a healthy diet and moderate your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Sun protection is key – your skin’s DNA is damaged by UV exposure and the long term results are early wrinkles, poor tissue texture, irregular color and increased collagen loss.
  • Don’t overuse aggressive skin products. Many can be helpful, but in today’s market, you have ample opportunity to damage your skin with products you can buy at the department store, at the drug store and online. Dehydrated skin can’t function well – the cascade effect means you’ll look older sooner. A small investment in professional skin care and recommendations is well worth it.
  • You can’t prevent natural bone, fat and collagen loss, but you can avoid habits that speed up the process.
As We Age

  1. We actually experience all-over bone shrinkage – and this applies to the skull as well. So noses begin to look larger, chins begin to tilt upward, depressions form in the temples and our eyes begin a recession that allows lid folds to cover part of the exposed eye.
  2. We lose facial fat. Unless you keep an unhealthy high level of fat to muscle ratio, you’re going to see your face take a downward and slackened path eventually.
  3. Muscle atrophy is also a natural process that causes the muscle fibers to become less dense and less able to maintain previous shape.
  4. Collagenase – This is an enzyme your body produces that causes the natural breakdown of collagen. When you’re young, you make as much collagen as as you lose. As you age, you make less than you lose.
The rough skin is indicative of a lack of nutrients and hydration. The scratches, bruises and lines show that the skin is very vulnerable and when something happens to the skin, it is difficult for it to recover quickly. Stress, in this instance, is classed as a mental event, and is common in people who have a lot on the go all the time, with a constant list of things to do. Cold, dry, windy weather (like is found in Chicago) tends to make you feel vulnerable, so it actually ends up making the skin feel vulnerable as well.

Eating very nourishing foods like whole-grains, cooked vegetables, and warm milk on a daily basis, to bring back luster and vitality to their skin. Ginger is also helpful on digestion, so adding spices warms them up and increases metabolism. Raw vegetables are to be avoided as their digestion is not strong enough.

I'm Fabulous Cosmetics just introduce a 

New Skin Lightening Regimen Kit.

This Skin Lightening Regimen Kit is for skin lightening and will target anti aging and wrinkles reduction as well.
This kit includes:
-1 Gorgeous Peel (1 oz/ 30 ml) to use once a month
-1 Super White Bio Serum (2 oz/ 60 ml) to use twice a day
-1 Vitamin C Serum (1 oz/ 30 ml) to use twice a day
-1 Baby Skin Mask (2 oz/ 60 ml) to use 3 times per week
Use them in this order:
Vitamin C serum first followed by the Super White Bio Serum. If you are using an cream use it at after everything. 
You can buy this kit on this website

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