Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anis Lacerte behind the fabulous anti aging organic skin care brand.

Anis Lacerte founder of I'm Fabulous® Biophotonic organic skin care.

I am in my 40's and my skin is tight, toned, light and wrinkles free!

I do not smoke and do not drink sodas at all. I leave a very healthy life style, based on organic vegetable, seafood and meat once every few months. 
I occasionally drink wine or champagne and stay away never drink liquor. 
If I am sick I use holistic medicine (I was raised in France with homeopathic and holistic approach to medicine).

How to I keep my skin looking young and flawless with surgery.

My evening skin regimen:

3-I use a skin peel 4 times per week and switch between those: Enzyme peel, gorgeous peel, and Bio Gorgeous peel.
4- Magic Exfoliating Mask, same days I do a skin peel.
7- Firming and lifting cream every other night or Retinol 2.5 %

My evening skin regimen:

1- Luxe cleanser 
2- Seaweed Toner
3- Vitamin C hydrating serum

My Eyes every night:

1- Super peptide eye serum under my eyes, crows feet and eyebrows, and apply it super thick.
I woke up and my skin is all plumped up!

If my eye look tired and I have dark circle then I will use instead the Ultra bright eye serum.

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