Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hyperpigmentation at home treatment

Dark spots or patches darker than your normal skin, is a very common condition in people of all skin tones and color. They are mostly found to be increasing due to age and also due to the damage done to the skin due to excessive exposure to Sun. Hyper pigmentation or dark spots is also called age spots.

The brown pigment of our skin called melanin is found in excess in some people and hence they develop these dark spots over a period of time. As they age, these spots are more visible as production of melanin in the skin increases. The hyper pigmentation can be in the form of brown spots for some and in some, it could be in the form of brown patches.

It is also a hormonal disorder in the case of women who have Hyper Pigmentation. Some women get them on their face when they are pregnant due to hormonal changes. Estrogen /progesterone, the female reproductive hormones are the culprit for this. Oral contraceptives and chemotherapy could also be a reason for some to get this dark pigment spots.

Keep your face and body clean always. And when going out into the sun don’t forget your sunscreen. When going out into the sun wear clothes that cover every part of your body, essentially. And a hat to cover or shade your face is important. 

This will prevent your skin from getting dark spots earlier in life.
But, if you get the hyper pigmentation, you need to try to reduce it as far as possible, as soon as possible, before it turns into something as dangerous as skin cancer. You need to have enough patience too to try out the right kind of creams to reduce the brown pigmentation. 

Though it is not going to completely vanish at the snap of a finger, the skin can be lightened or faded with the use of products that you get over the counter. But these contain hydroquinone which is a kind of bleach and so can cause more damage to the skin than cure dark spots. 

You should thus search for products which are free from hydroquinone like the products that are available on I’m Fabulous Skin care Website the site
You should use a proper exfoliating cream like Magic Exfoliating Masque first. 

You could also use organic bio gorgeous peel instead. A cream to diminish the wrinkles in order to make the skin more manageable to get rid of the dark spots could be used (like the Organic Pores and Wrinkles Minimizer). And of course; Super Peptide Anti aging Serum with Fast Action Brightening is your main cream to lighten the age spots.

The complete treatment should be continued on a regular basis for a prolonged period of time to get the best results. And once the brown spots reduce or fade away, you need to be extra careful when exposing that part of the body to sun again. Exposure to sun could make the spots recur, especially if age is also an added factor.


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