Saturday, March 17, 2012

The reality about skin care products you buy!


Most products out there are so deficient in actual usable ingredients, that you only see a glimmer of hope after each use. Well, that glimmer is what keeps you coming back for more and more. 

Finally, your skin will stop reacting to it because your skin acclimates to the acidity or protein. Remember too that pure protein used in skin care is very expense. Industry uses fillers and thickeners that are cheap and essentially useless to fill up a 5 oz. bottle that contains about 1 gram of real protein. 

Your skin has no way to harvest the protein because the other 30 ingredients like fragrance and parabens are not bio-identical to your skin. It would be like eating a plastic bag that contained 1 leaf of lettuce. You are consuming a lot of nothing to get a very little amount of something. 

The plastic bag represents ingredients that your skin cannot register or identify with, while the leaf of lettuce is what your skin craves. 

Poly and Methyl Parabens are approved preservatives that are compounded into cosmetics and skincare products in order for a large company to be able to mass produce without any fear of expiration. 

Any product that is worth applying to your skin should not contain preservatives. Your skin has no way to metabolize these ingredients. Like oil and water do not mix, your skins naturally DNA will not accept synthetic preservative. 

What happens next is mind blowing: Take for example ANTI-AGING CREAM. The most expensive cream on the market contains enough parabens to keep it sitting in a warehouse for up to 8 years without the active protein either rotting, drying out or becoming acidic. 

When you apply these 'anti-aging' creams onto your skin, your own DNA secretions which are comprised of collagen, elastin, oil, sebum (good), melanin, protein and collagen bands, etc. begin to retreat deeper into the epidermis in order to preserve the supply.


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