Tuesday, October 4, 2011

3 Organic & Vegan Mineral Foundations + 1 Vegan Flawless Finish powder

I’M FABULOUS make all the right products in the cutest colors ever. Plus, whether it’s antioxidants, vitamins or just a little flavor, we like to give you a little something extra to satisfy your sweet tooth.

All foundation, cheek, and eye colors have been crushed to a silky, creamy powder form, but (here’s the big secret) they’re not actually powders. What they are is 100% pure minerals that are free of preservatives, talc, oil, waxes, fragrance, and other harmful chemicals that can irritate skin and cause breakouts.

They feel like a cream and buff on like silk, giving skin a natural luminosity without the look or feel of makeup.

Organic Mineral Eye, Organic Mineral Foundation, Organic Mineral Color Corrector, Organic Mineral Blush and Organic Mineral Glow. 

It is non-comedogenic!

Contains NO: - Parabens - Sulfates - Synthetic Fragrances - Synthetic Dyes - Petro-Chemicals - Phthalates - Harmful Preservatives - Oils - Fragrances - Chemicals - Silicones - Waxes - Talcs - Starches - Alcohols - Carmine - Bismuth or Parabens.

These foundations are very easy to apply. Take your kabuki brush (or other) and dip it into the powders. Swirl your brush in the lid and gently tap off any excess powder on the edge of your lid with brush bristles pointed upward. This action will settle the powders into the bristles. Then, starting at the outer edge of your face near your jaw, begin buffing the foundation into your skin in a circular motion, applying some pressure. You don't want to begin at the center of your face, or the powders will get into your lines and creases. Continue applying LIGHT layers (heavy layers will look too cakey) until satisfactory coverage is reached. If you still have a few spots that need covering, just take your concealer brush, dip into powders, and apply to necessary areas. Foundation can be worn alone or with finishing powder if you desire a different look.
Finishing Powders:
Take your powder brush, kabuki or brush of choice, lightly dip in powder, swirl in lid, and tap off excess. Apply to desired areas. You can also use a shadow, concealer or foundation brush to apply heavier coats to certain areas. Example: If your nose gets really oily during the day, simply apply a heavy coat of the Oil-Absorbing Stones to that area alone. Or...as another option, if you like Glow, simply apply heavier coats of that to your eyelids or lip glosses for added shimmer...
To apply blush, simply dip your kabuki or other brush into powders, swirl in lid, and tap off excess so the powders nestle into the bristles. You only want to use TINY amounts of these blushes! Swirl on apples of cheeks and over forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired.

Take your kabuki or powder brush and dip in powders. (You can also use a cotton ball). Pick up a TINY amount (unless you're using SunKiss..you can use more of this color) and swirl in lid. Tap off excess to settle powder into bristles. Apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired, swirling in a circular motion.
-Multi-Use Colors (Shimmers and Mattes)
Brush the shadow over your lids or in the crease of your lids for a contouring effect using either an eyeshadow brush or your finger. You can apply them wet or dry. For wet, mix the powders with a touch of water and then apply to your lids for a different look. Some of the colors change slightly when wet, so create more colors and get more use out of the same product!!
Dip your eyeliner brush into water and then into the powder and swirl on the back of your hand or in a container to create a creamy consistency, and then apply to the eyes. You can also mix water with the minerals first and then dip your brush into the cream. These can also be applied dry.

NOTE: Because of federal regulations, please do NOT use any powder on your lips that contains ultramarines.
Apply the powders to the cheek using your application brush or a blush brush (but be careful with normal blush brushes. A little goes a long way with these minerals and normal brushes could pick up too much of the product) or a cotton ball. You can apply one coat or more if you desire more color and intensity.
Using the brush of your choice (application brush or kabuki) dip your brush into the powder, swirl it in the lid, tap to settle the powders, and apply lightly to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin. For a sun-kissed look, use a bronze or warm brown color!
Using the brush of your choice (foundation brush, concealer brush, etc.) apply the minerals around your eyes, mouth, jaw, nose, etc. to create a contoured, defined look. Browns and grays will darken certain areas, while creams, whites, pastels and lighter colors will create the illusion of highlights.

You can mix these pure minerals with I'm Fabulous body butter or lotion of your choice and apply to the arms, legs, shoulders, etc., to create a soft glow or touch of shimmer. Simply rub the minerals and lotion together in your hand before applying.
Nail Polish:
Dip your nail polish brush into the polish and then into the minerals and apply to your nails. You can use either colored or clear polish. As an alternative, you can mix the minerals in with your polish to customize your own special color!!
You can apply these powders all over, using a buffing and swirling technique, or you can dip a small brush into the powders and apply to certain areas for spot coverage as needed. Use light coats!!! The Complete Covers may be used like foundation, but will give a slightly heavier appearance. Some people with oily skin prefer this.
Real Silk Powder:
Dip powder brush into powder, and apply to bare face before mineral foundation. Can also be mixed into lotion and applied to skin or mixed with hair products and used on the hair for a leave-in conditioner.

Soothing Lip Balm:
You may use this product as a normal lip balm if desired; simply rub finger into balm and apply to lips.
You may also create a customized lipstick with this product. Simply apply lip balm to lips, then using a brush or your finger, apply mineral powders on top of the balm, blending well. You may also mix the powders directly into your balm and then apply. If you find the exact color you like, you may melt the lip balm, stir in your powders and let cool. You will have a luscious, long-lasting lipstick you made yourself! 
Large pores that need filled in:
After buffing on the minerals in the normal fashion, use our synthetic concealer brush or our xl cover and smooth brush and after picking up a small amount of foundation or concealer on the brush, apply to your face in a sweeping motion, to smooth out the areas with large pores. Finish with I'm Fabulous Makeup setting spritz.
. You can also apply a soft shimmer powder all over to help reflect light out and away from your face, which helps to diminish the look of large, uneven pores. GLOW finishing mineral powder is a great choice.
To Purchase I'M FABULOUS mineral makeup go to IM-FABULOUS.COM
Gray areas and/or bags under your eyes:
You will want to try our Vanille Corrector and oil and line control powder. Take the fat end of our Double-Ended Liner/Shadow brush OR one of our concealer brushes and apply the powder under your eyes AND around your eyes and on the lids. Blend well. You may do this before or after you have applied your foundation, but I personally prefer to apply it after the foundation. If you want more of a dewy, fresh look, simply use our Glow finishing powder. You can also use I'm Fabulous Cucumber Depuffer Eye Serum before applying the mineral makeup.
For bags under the eyes, you will want to make sure to apply the corrector on the UNDERSIDE of the bag. Then, take a natural brown shade like our Light Tan foundation mineral makeup, and apply a very light layer right on the bulge of bag. This will give the illusion that the bag is flat, rather than puffed out. You may apply your eye shadow and/or eyeliner as normal after you have covered your gray areas and puffy bags.

Acne that needs covering:
Make sure you apply a good moisturizer to your skin before buffing on your makeup. Even if you have severely oily skin, you need to apply at least a few drops of I'm Fabulous Hyaluronic Acid Serum to give a smooth surface for applying your minerals. One of the worst things you can do is to dry your face out, then buff on your minerals only to see it look cakey and flakey. Not good. It is ESSENTIAL to apply a nice moisturizer (and LET IT SOAK IN for about 5 to 10 minutes) before buffing on your minerals. This is true whether you have dry, combo or oily skin.
Step One:
First, apply several light layers of foundation or concealer to your skin to help cover and smooth out your basic skin tone. (I use a half and half mixture of foundation and concealer for this step and all further steps, but I suggest you experiment to see what works best for you). Make sure you are using a kabuki or our Extreme Coverage Flat Top Buffer; either of these will give good, FULL coverage of the foundation, but other cheaper powder brushes simply will NOT WORK. You cannot achieve good coverage with lesser quality brushes. (Yes, I have tried. I was in shock the first time I used a kabuki. It applied the foundation so much nicer than any other brush I had ever used!)

Step Two:
To cover small, infrequent spots, simply take a small, stiff brush (I prefer the small, liner end of our Double-Ended Liner/Shadow Brush) and dip into your foundation or concealer. Apply to the spot, using an UPWARD motion. By applying the makeup in an upward motion, you will help to get a good coating of makeup on the underside of the bulging blemish, thus creating the illusion of no blemish. Finish by using your kabuki or flat top brush (pick up just a small amount of powder) to TAP on a final layer of the foundation to your whole face.

Now for more difficult areas: To cover areas with many clustered blemishes, it is easier to do the next cover-up trick, rather than trying to cover each tiny little spot. First apply your foundation as in step one. Take our Synthetic Concealer brush or the large end of our Double-Ended Liner/Shadow brush and dip into your foundation or concealer. Apply a nice, thick coat to your troubled areas.
For all these steps, I suggest you finish with either the Angel Kisses Finishing Powder or the Glow Finishing Powder. Although most people with acne have oily skin and want to achieve a matte look, I feel that applying a light-reflecting finisher helps to diminish the look of uneven texture and broken out areas. But that will be your personal preference. I simply cannot achieve a smooth-looking finish if I try to go matte. 
Rosacea/Redness/Sunburn that needs covering:
You will want to try our GREEN CORRECTOR mineral powder. Using a kabuki brush, coat your entire face (or just the red areas) with the GREEN CORRECTOR. Then buff on your mineral foundation or concealer. For smaller red areas that need covered, simply apply the green corrector with a concealer brush, then follow with your foundation.

Sallow skin that needs brightening:
You will enjoy our PINK CORRECTOR shade. It is a soft, matte pink mineral powder that will liven up any dull, lifeless complexion. Simply buff onto your skin before or after your mineral foundation, focusing on the apples of the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. To finish, try our GLOW finishing mineral powder. It will bring just a hint of dewy freshness so you never look dull and washed-out! You will appear bright and happy!
Dull skin that you want to look dewy:
Simply dust a light coat of our GLOW finishing mineral powder after your mineral foundation for a soft, light-diffused look. You may also mix in our Medium Bronzer mineral powder with your foundation to give a creamy, lustrous finish.
Oily Skin that also needs coverage:
Prime your skin with our SILK MATTE finishing mineral powder. Buff on your foundation, and then finish with the SILK MATTE finishing mineral powder or the Oil and Lines Control finishing mineral powder. Reapply during the day if you get excessively oily. These contain clay and help to cut shine while also providing excellent coverage.

Oily Skin that doesn't need a lot of coverage:
Simply prime or finish your face with our SILK MATTE or Oil and Lines Control powders. Use the regular mineral foundation for great, even coverage.
Dry Skin that needs moisture:
Wash your face. Clean any excess makeup off with our 4-IN-1 EYE MAKEUP REMOVER. Pat dry. Spritz I'm Fabulous BERGAMOT FACIAL TONER and gently wipe face clean with a cotton ball or leave the toner to dry. Apply I'm Fabulous STem Cell Magic Cream.  Let your moisturizer soak in, then buff on your minerals as usual. You may also mix your minerals with your moisturizer for a liquid makeup.
Dry, Cracked lips:
Try I'm Fabulous MAGIC LIP BALM and apply as often as desired.

Colorless lips:
Try purchasing one of I'm Fabulous clear lip balms and mixing in the mineral powders OR applying a light coat of the mineral powders AFTER you apply your clear lip balm. Your have your own Customized natural lipstick!

Skin that itches when wearing the mineral foundation:
Some people are allergic to certain ingredients in the mineral foundation, causing them to itch, especially during the summer months or when sweating. Zinc Oxide is often the culprit. You might want to just use a light finishing powder during the summer to prevent this, OR mix FINISHING SILK finisher into your foundation to lessen the percentage of Zinc Oxide. Also I'm Fabulous Bergamot Facial Spray Toner great for itching skin, Exzema, Dermatitis and Psoriasis. 

Round face that needs defined cheekbones:
Apply your foundation first. THEN using our Medium Tan foundation mineral makeup or Medium Bronzer, dust small amounts of powder on TOP of your cheekbones, your chin, forehead, center of your nose, brow bone, etc. This will define and shape your face.
Wrinkled skin with fine lines that need covered:
Make sure to apply a good moisturizer to your skin and let it soak in. Try I'm Fabulous Stem Cell Magic Cream for fabulous results!!!! Apply a light coating of our mineral foundation to your face, being careful not to apply too much. Finish with a light dusting of our FINISHING SILK finishing mineral powder OR the GLOW finishing mineral powder. GLOW will give a little bit more of a dewy, fresh look.
Skin that looks chalky after applying mineral makeup:
You are most likely using too much mineral foundation. Apply the foundation in LIGHT layers using a kabuki brush and BUFF, BUFF, BUFF. Make sure you have the correct mineral foundation shade. If the shade is too pale and you apply a thick layer, you might end up looking a little too chalky.

Keep your skin smooth and soft by moisturizing and exfoliating often. Dry, patchy skin will not allow the minerals to look their best.
Skin that turns orange during the day:
Your foundation is probably the wrong color. Select a ROSE or OLIVE foundation. The NEUTRALS also work well. The WARM shades tend to be peachy, so DO NOT pick a warm shade if you tend to turn orange in the day.


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