Wednesday, April 14, 2010


ANAIS SKIN CARE techniques and concepts of Rapid Exfoliation and Protein Infusion to not only reverse the signs of aging dramatically, but to almost stop the destruction of good skin cells. This process is exceptional on aging damaged skin as well as acneic skin types. 
Our secret to this advanced process it to use very potent blend of preserved botanicals and bio-identical proteins  without the help of thickeners or heavy stabilizers. Binding this to a liposomal technique of cellular delivery will not only saturate the skin with the most powerful antioxidants, but it insures the deepest penetration through dead and live layers. Bio-identical proteins virtually copy the structure of your skin tissue allowing the skin to thrive due to the increase in cellular metabolism.
You will see results after your very first application and unlike other products that create a chemical dependency, your skin will begin to work more efficiently and independently while you begin to uncover new skin growth and reveal the skin you were born with.

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